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We understand that some customers want to “know the price” before creating their design. Pricing is based on the size of the boulder, the amount of text and the complexity of the graphics. Since every creation we produce is a one-of-a-kind custom piece, it is very difficult to give a specific price without knowing exactly what you want (size, shape, text, logo, graphics, colors etc.). The following are some average prices for different size boulders.

24”L x 18”H x 4” Thick - $275

30”L x 18”H x 4” Thick - $345

32”L x 28”H x 5” Thick - $625

40”L x 30”H x 5” Thick - $835

50”L x 36”H x 6” Thick - $1,365

72”L x 48”H x 8” Thick - $3,045

Please keep in mind that these are average prices and your pricing could be more or less than the average. Just click here to go to our Design Questionnaire that easily allows you to convey to us what you would like. Within 48 hours, we will email you a complimentary (full-color) custom design and an exact price quote.